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For organizations with hundreds or thousands of community members, our programs help you create an impactful book club program tailored to your specific goals. Our team of book club facilitators and our unique platform help you engage your community with a minimal staff time. Ready to foster growth and lifelong learning while earning goodwill and having fun along the way?

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Cultivate deeply connected and engaged communities through managed, virtual book clubs. Help your people grow while earning their goodwill, by offering lifelong learning and professional development experiences that are fun, enriching, and fit into their lifestyles seamlessly.

Why Books?

Why Books?

Books deeply explore important personal, professional, and societal topics while actively engaging the mind. Non-fiction offers deep dives into key professional, personal growth, and societal topics while reading novels has been shown to improve people's empathy, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving abilities.

Why Book Clubs?

Why Book Clubs?

Discussion with peers further engages the mind’s critical thinking while bringing in new perspectives on the material. Participants learn not only from the reading, but from the experience of others. As social beings, learning in groups engages and encourages participants in their learning process. And structuring this learning as a book club offers a set schedule and just enough social pressure so that people find time to read. 

Virtual Book Clubs

Why Virtual Book Clubs?

It’s hard to get everyone together in a room or even an online meeting at the same time. With virtual book clubs, people can participate from anywhere in the world and at any time that is convenient for them. Our programs easily scale from dozens to thousands. Participants can connect with people they wouldn’t otherwise, while introverted participants have a more equal voice than through live meetings.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Listen to what our happy customers and program participants say about the results we deliver.

"We have seen a notable increase in engagement amongst members of our association who are a part of the book club. We highly recommend PBC Guru as they provide professionally moderated book club discussion groups in a turnkey fashion, allowing us to provide a great benefit to our members with minimal day to day oversight."

Abeer Sajjad
Member Engagement Associate, Advocis

"The team at PBC Guru are thoughtful, accessible problem solvers who are interested in our goals. It’s like having another dedicated colleague on our staff thinking about virtual engagement strategies full-time!"

Joe Keniston
St. Lawrence University

"PBC Guru has provided a professional, flawless and dependable service to the members of the NC Medical Society with its book club program. This program has allowed us to offer a member engagement resource to our members in North Carolina without being “experts” in executing a formal book club."

Ashley Newton
Vice President, Member Services, North Carolina Medical Society

"We have been able to engage over 500 alumni in one year in a new and interesting way. With a small staff, being able to rely on PBC to manage the program has been an easy and efficient way to add value to what we offer our alumni."

Nicole Bush
Director Alumni Career Services, Tulane University

"We’ve been able to engage a larger population of alumni with the ALC platform . . . The white label content really helps us bulk out our engagement offerings without taking up staff time or resources. We love that everything is built for us, including marketing images and copy to assist with promotion."

Amber Medenhall
Event Coordinator, Washington State University

"The webinars and resources offered to our alumni, friends, and students have been a terrific complement to our program. We can showcase interesting speakers and topics through our partnership with ALC, further increasing the benefits to our McMaster alumni community."

Karen McQuigge
Director, Alumni Engagement, McMaster University

"We’ve appreciated working with PBC Guru on our social justice movie club as it has allowed us to create a unique experience for our university and alumni. PBC Guru provides the program framework and staffing which has given us capacity to create additional opportunities for engagement and connection."

Elizabeth Wheeler
Director, Alumni Programs Operations, Michigan State University
How We Help Connect & Engage at Scale with Books

Managed Book Club Services

Virtual Book Clubs

Engage diverse audiences in lifelong learning with only a few hours of staff time per year. We manage everything for a book club program through our custom-designed platform, tailor-made for impactful online book club discussions. People can participate from anywhere, at any time, making our programs scalable from dozens to thousands of participants. You can customize book selections to specific organizational goals, including selecting books on specific topics or by employees, investors, alumni, faculty, or local authors—whatever you prefer.

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PBC Guru Virtual Book Clubs
Colleagues Collaborating

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Social Justice Book Clubs

The no-brainer way for busy HR teams to foster conversation around DE&I and develop a more inclusive culture or for companies and other organizations to facilitate nuanced conversation on difficult topics of social justice. We offer turnkey programs that can connect the entire organization or group for important conversations around sensitive topics while cultivating grace, understanding, and sensitivity.

We also offer DE&I and social justice movie clubs, as we find the medium of film to be a great way to build empathy while exploring complex issues. Offer DE&I and social justice material that participants will love AND that will make an actual impact on them.

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Core Values Book Clubs

Core values are vital to a healthy and cohesive company culture. Yet they tend to sit on a shelf after they are reviewed during onboarding and most employees do not internalize them. Organizations define core values to create a culture that fosters alignment, productivity, and self-directed effort but fail to instill them in their people which is where a book club can help.

Our core values book clubs deeply instill your core values in your people’s thinking and behavior. Have every employee read 4 to 6 books in their first year and contribute to an ongoing conversation on what it means to live your values. We will curate books and guide discussions to establish a values-driven culture, creating a shared language and mental model to align people for years to come. For example, if Getting Things Done by David Allen is a core values book, the organization will be focused on intentionally setting next actions and facilitating follow-through on them.

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Author talks

Author Talks

Bring amazing authors directly to your group while elevating the value of your organization in the eyes of whatever group you serve.

Content will never feel generic or irrelevant. Our programs are highly customizable to your group’s needs. New talks are released regularly. We have a huge catalog of past author talks to choose from. 

With this exclusive service, get engagement like no other program before. Your community will love hearing from authors. Add something unique and elevating to your organization’s calendar with dozens of talks from best-selling authors every year for book club programs to choose from.

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Organizations We Serve

We manage book club programs for organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Northwestern University
DPR Construction
University of Cambridge
Kansas City Public Library
University Of Virginia
University of Washington
State Library of Western Australia
Delta Dental
Oklahoma State University

Recommended Books

This is just a small sample of topics and curated readings we can use to foster impactful conversations for your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do online book discussions work?

Each of our virtual book clubs has an online forum where participants connect with each other and discuss the reading. PBC Guru will share interesting content related to the book and ask discussion questions throughout the reading period to help spur conversation. At the end of each reading period, there is typically a week long end of book discussion where participants respond to questions about the book and each other in the forum.

What kind of books do your book clubs read?

Our book club programs are customized to the goals of each organization and read a range of books including novels, business, memoirs, classics, professional development, social justice, history and other topics. We look for books that are engaging to read, teach valuable ways of thinking and create opportunities for discussion. You can see some of our most popular books on our books page for specific examples.

How long are the books?

Books vary in length but take an average person between 5 and 15 hours to read cover to cover. All of the books we recommend are meant to be readable within the schedule of busy professionals and parents.

What input does my organization have in the books that are offered?

We work with each organization to create a customized reading program. That can mean only certain groups in your organization participate (e.g. managers and young professionals) and/or that specific types of books won't be offered. Many groups choose to read books connected to their specific community such as books written by local authors, alumni, faculty or other community members.

Can I have multiple book clubs for different groups?

Yes. We support organizations with one or many book clubs.

Why books for professional development?
Why not focus on easier to consume media like articles and videos?

We believe that well written books offer a unique kind of value in the areas of personal growth and professional development for three reasons. First and foremost, books explore topics more thoroughly than most other learning tools which gives them the opportunity to affect people's thinking more profoundly. Second, well written books are easier to remember over time than an equivalent length of articles or videos. Books provide a deep dive in a focused area which we've found leaves the reader with more over time than a series of shorter media. Finally, many of our participants note that finishing a book gives them a feeling of accomplishment that drives them to want to learn and grow more.

Do you offer ebooks and/or audio books?

Yes. Where books are provided as part of the program, each participant can choose if they would like to receive their books in physical, audio or ebook form. Physical books are mailed to participants while ebooks and audio books are emailed with an access link.

What do I do if my question isn't answered?

Just email us at and we'll be happy to help answer your questions

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Love From Our Learners

We love our customers and participants. And they love us! Here’s what some of them have to say about what we do.

“Offering the virtual book club helped us discover a whole new segment of alumni that had not been previously engaged--especially for those alums that can't or don't visit or engage with campus regularly. ”
Carrie Combs
James Madison University
“Our team has really enjoyed PBC Guru! We have found that it's a great way to facilitate professional growth within our employees.“
Heather L. Johnson
Senior Vice President, Jovian Concepts
“PBC Guru has provided another avenue for us to engage our OU alumni across the world reaching people that we normally wouldn’t be able to engage. ”
Jennifer Dooley
University of Oklahoma
“Ever since we started partnering with PBC Guru for our online book clubs we have found them to be knowledgeable and supportive. They manage all the details of the book clubs, are very open to collaboration, helpful with data analysis and generally great to work with.”
Jean Chisser
Boston College
“PBC Guru has been an extremely valuable tool for us to expand engagement with a new cohort of alumni we hadn’t been interacting with, gain insights into who they are and provide them with a meaningful opportunity to connect with each other through stimulating discussions.”
Jess Cronin
Head, Alumni Relations,
Australian National University
“WMU has enrolled over 800 alumni in the book club program within the first year. The book club has engaged many alumni that otherwise will not be involved in any other way in the life of the University. ”
Hardy Figueroa
Director Alumni Relations, Western Michigan University
“The staff at PBC Guru is knowledgeable, professional, and responsive. And we've seen a tremendous response to the program, enrolling more than 3,000 alums within the first year.”
Mary Giles
Associate Director of Advancement Communications Smith College
“Working with the team at PBC Guru is like having your own personal concierge to handle all of the important details and planning. They are clearly the experts in what they do, and keep you on track for success with your program.”
Beth Szczerowski
Director of Alumni & Family Engagement, Hope College

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