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PBC Guru has partnered with Library Ideas, an innovative digital solutions provider to libraries around the world, to bring sustainable online book club programs to libraries.

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I’ve been looking for a new virtual bookclub, so I was excited to learn about this one. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you, exchanging thoughts and ideas, and hearing different perspectives on the books that we read. I usually read mysteries and thrillers, but I’m completely open to different genres. The current selection has been on my “need to read” list for a while, so this is already off to a great start!

Library Patron

With everything that is going on in the world, I believe reading engaging thought-provoking pieces and sharing in discussion is more important that ever. This is my first book club in this format so i’m looking forward to sharing thoughts on this months read!

Library Patron

24/7 Book Groups Available to Patrons Worldwide

Patrons are busy with jobs, children, errands, care-taking, and a million other things. While they may want to join one of their library’s in-person book clubs, they might not be able to commit to a set schedule.

An Online Book Club can help reach these otherwise unreachable patrons. Offering professional moderation, the club can be as hands-off or as hands-on as your library needs it to be. Library staff can dive into co-moderate, or they can sit back and watch the conversations unfold in front of them…all at your patrons’ convenience.

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Online Book Clubs for Libraries

Why Book Clubs?

Engage a New Community of Patrons

Reach more young adults, parents, and busy professionals who want to engage in book discussions that work for them and their busy schedules.

PBC Guru Book Club Reach Patrons Where They Are

Reach Patrons Where They Are

Our service is for library patrons that don't have time to meet in person for a book club. You’ll be able to reach more people regardless of their schedules or their location.

PBC Guru Book Clubs Complement Existing Programs

Compliments Existing Programs

Our program is not meant to replace existing, in-person clubs. We love In-person book clubs and they are ideal for some people. What we offer is a way to engage those patrons whose circumstances don’t lend to an on-site discussion.

Engage your patrons (and bring in new patrons) no matter where they are in your community, with a managed online book club.

Virtual Book Clubs

How it Works

Library Book Club Features

Affordable subscription pricing makes budgeting easy. A one-year subscription includes five full book discussions.
Your patrons can engage in fun, meaningful online book discussions—at times that work for them.
Club members vote on the books they will read and discuss, choosing from a curated list of award-winning titles from top-tier publishers.
Unlimited ebook access to the chosen titles is available to club members through the Library Ideas Freading app.
A professional book club manager cultivates fruitful book discussions by posting prompts, asking questions, and posting articles and interviews to stimulate the conversation. Library staff can add their own content as well.
Engage with library patrons who might not be able to participate in traditional library programming.
Increase your reach exponentially: there is no limit to the number of participants in a single group.
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Engage Patrons Worldwide with Only a Few Hours of Staff Time Per Year


Books can be selected to meet almost any group's learning needs (or general interests). No matter your purpose and aims, we tailor your book club to what you and your participants are aiming for.

Effective Learning

Reading a book is one of the best ways to deeply learn and improve capabilities. Whether it’s a book on soft or hard skills for work or a novel that fosters new awareness, sparks curiosity, or builds empathy, books help people stretch their minds.


Our virtual programs work for groups from dozens to thousands. Whether you’re a company with dozens of people, a professional society with hundreds, or a university with thousands, we can tailor your program to where you are (and where you’re going).

Continuous Development

Whether your group consists of employees, alums, members, or patrons, participants will read new books on a regular basis allowing for ongoing growth, improved critical thinking, and a deeper relationship with your organization.


Whether it’s a company book club or one through another organization that’s just for fun, book clubs work best with a sense of social obligation. Our accountability tools and the schedule of a book club keep your participants engaged and on track with reading.

Social and Fun

Participants enjoy connecting with each other and benefit from developing a shared language. No matter your group, your organization type, and your aims, your people will benefit from the enjoyment of this social experience oriented around mutual growth.

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What Library Patrons Say About Our Book Clubs

“This is the first time I’ve read via e-book and it’s actually convenient. It helped me stay focused, instead of scrolling through my phone I would open the app to read and actually finished reading the book within 2 weeks.”
Library Patron
“I was part of my Library’s once-a-month Book Club, which stopped meeting when COVID-19 came to town. I look forward to this virtual opportunity to share thoughts about the books we’ll read together. It’s always fun to hear other perspectives and learn something new!”
Library Patron
“I was thrilled to receive notification of this on-line bookclub since our neighborhood book club has shut down due to Covid19. I miss discussing a book with someone.”
Library Patron
“Months went by before I even tried the Online Book Club. Now thanks to the brilliant minds who thought of this great idea of a virtual book club, I am on my way back to reading. I am really glad about the new book club, and I look forward to read and discuss with you all.”
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