Best Books to Read for Book Clubs

Recommended Books

People often ask us what we think are the best books to read for their book club. Below we've provided examples of great books to read for some of our most common book club types.

We don't have a set list of recommended books that our groups have to choose from. We're constantly reading new titles based on the learning goals of our clients and what we think will be interesting books to read based on what we know about our specific participants.

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Our managed virtual book club service goes way beyond finding good books to read with your group.

Learn how we help organizations and groups of all sizes grow with book clubs.

What We Offer

Fully Managed Online Book Clubs, Discussion Groups, and Professional Development Experiences

PBC Guru's online learning programs help you connect with your community in whole new ways while engaging hundreds that have never engaged before. Each virtual book club or other program runs within your own private online forum, integrated with email, and is actively managed by professionals to maximize engagement.

Managed Online Book Clubs

We support book club programs for a huge range of organizations with the goal of engaging people around lifelong learning. From professional books clubs for companies to clubs to connect fellow alumni with each other and their alma mater, we’ll get your people excited about conversations with you and your community.

More About Managed Book Clubs
Managed Online Book Clubs

Alumni Learning Consortium

ALC is a partnership of alumni associations managed by PBC Guru, which works together to create more and better online programs for their communities. Participating members enjoy benefits like live talks with famous authors and thought leaders, hosted on your own branded livestream portal, plus access to a network of fellow alumni associations sharing ideas to help each other succeed.

Core Values Book Clubs

Core values book clubs help develop your staff and strengthen your culture. Get your team members more deeply involved with your mission. Having them regularly read books that reinforce what matters most to your organization and connect with fellow employees to discuss will help them realize the real-world (and real work) application of your values.

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We manage book club programs for organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Oklahoma State University
Northwestern University
University of Cambridge
University of Washington
University Of Virginia
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Love From Our Learners

We love our customers and participants. And they love us! Here’s what some of them have to say about what we do.

“Offering the virtual book club helped us discover a whole new segment of alumni that had not been previously engaged--especially for those alums that can't or don't visit or engage with campus regularly. ”
Carrie Combs
James Madison University
“Our team has really enjoyed PBC Guru! We have found that it's a great way to facilitate professional growth within our employees.“
Heather L. Johnson
Senior Vice President, Jovian Concepts
“PBC Guru has provided another avenue for us to engage our OU alumni across the world reaching people that we normally wouldn’t be able to engage. ”
Jennifer Dooley
University of Oklahoma
“Ever since we started partnering with PBC Guru for our online book clubs we have found them to be knowledgeable and supportive. They manage all the details of the book clubs, are very open to collaboration, helpful with data analysis and generally great to work with.”
Jean Chisser
Boston College
“PBC Guru has been an extremely valuable tool for us to expand engagement with a new cohort of alumni we hadn’t been interacting with, gain insights into who they are and provide them with a meaningful opportunity to connect with each other through stimulating discussions.”
Jess Cronin
Head, Alumni Relations,
Australian National University
“WMU has enrolled over 800 alumni in the book club program within the first year. The book club has engaged many alumni that otherwise will not be involved in any other way in the life of the University. ”
Hardy Figueroa
Director Alumni Relations, Western Michigan University
“The staff at PBC Guru is knowledgeable, professional, and responsive. And we've seen a tremendous response to the program, enrolling more than 3,000 alums within the first year.”
Mary Giles
Associate Director of Advancement Communications Smith College
“Working with the team at PBC Guru is like having your own personal concierge to handle all of the important details and planning. They are clearly the experts in what they do, and keep you on track for success with your program.”
Beth Szczerowski
Director of Alumni & Family Engagement, Hope College

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