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Create a community around employee professional development and personal growth that helps your organizational culture thrive. Our expert facilitators can support a scaleable program for a target group or your entire company with a minimal amount of HR time required.

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DPR Construction

At DPR, who we build is as important as what we build and PBC Guru helps support this mission. The PBC Guru program consistently aligns with DPR’s core values (Integrity, Enjoyment, Uniqueness and Ever Forward) and provides creative collaboration. One innovative solution has been the online discussion group where our book club members can connect socially around professional and personal development. The addition of PBC Guru to our existing reading program has exceeded our expectations; the level of customizability and their customer service is impeccable!

Esther Lajano
Learning Systems Coordinator,
DPR Construction
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Company Book Clubs and Other Services

Online Book Clubs - PBC Guru

Online Book Clubs

Engage hundred of employees together around the world in a professional development community to advance your company culture.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Social Justice Movie Clubs

DE&I Book Clubs

Use books as a starting point to connect staff together for critical conversations related to DE&I.

Core Values Book Clubs

Take your core values off the (book) shelf. Have your entire company read the same set of books to give them a shared language and actually live the values your company espouses.

Virtual Book Clubs

Improve Employee Engagement, Development and Retention With Virtual Book Clubs

Reading books is one of the highest leverage activities anyone can undertake. Making reading a part of your company culture leads to more capable employees through ongoing professional development, improved critical thinking skills and better organizational communication.

We facilitate everything to make a program successful at your company.

Managed Online Book Clubs

How it Works

A lot goes into managing a virtual book club or other program to achieve your organizational goals while engaging participants. We manage virtually every aspect of the program so your community can connect with your organization easily without draining staff time.

Customized to your Goals

We work with you to define the goals for your program based on your needs and our experience working with organizations and institutions like yours.

Targeted to Participants

Based on your goals, we’ll help you decide how many readings to do and who should be invited to each one.

Book Selection

We work with you to preselect the reading or books for participants to vote on. For voting, we recommend allowing participants to vote between two to three books each reading period.

Author Talks

Included in our service are live Question & Answer talks with best-selling authors. Author talks cover the hottest novels, business reads, memoirs, and other book genres.

Your Own Forum

Participants engage when it’s convenient for them. We create a private online forum on our purpose-made platform where your participants will network and discuss the reading from anywhere in the world.

Facilitated Discussion

We moderate the online discussion by posting interesting content, asking questions, and encouraging conversation. Never worry about whether your program will fall flat. We guide it at every step.

Book Delivery

When you opt to have books included, we provide each participant with their choice of a physical book, ebook, or audiobook. Ensure everyone has the reading material, on time, wherever they are.

Ongoing Engagement

Book clubs read several books each year on topics that matter to you and to your participants, keeping them more engaged over time compared to one-off programs and events.


Virtual Book Clubs Build Empower Employee Learning


Books can be selected to meet almost any group's learning needs (or general interests). No matter your purpose and aims, we tailor your book club to what you and your participants are aiming for.

Effective Learning

Reading a book is one of the best ways to deeply learn and improve capabilities. Whether it’s a book on soft or hard skills for work or a novel that fosters new awareness, sparks curiosity, or builds empathy, books help people stretch their minds.


Our virtual programs work for groups from dozens to thousands. Whether you’re a company with dozens of people, a professional society with hundreds, or a university with thousands, we can tailor your program to where you are (and where you’re going).

Continuous Development

Whether your group consists of employees, alums, members, or patrons, participants will read new books on a regular basis allowing for ongoing growth, improved critical thinking, and a deeper relationship with your organization.


Whether it’s a company book club or one through another organization that’s just for fun, book clubs work best with a sense of social obligation. Our accountability tools and the schedule of a book club keep your participants engaged and on track with reading.

Social and Fun

Participants enjoy connecting with each other and benefit from developing a shared language. No matter your group, your organization type, and your aims, your people will benefit from the enjoyment of this social experience oriented around mutual growth.

Example Virtual Book Clubs

Popular Book Club Types For Companies

Each book club is customized for your unique business needs. Below is a list of example book clubs that is far from exhaustive.

Learn How Professional Books Clubs Can  Empower Your Employees and Supercharge Your Culture

We put this power in the hands of organizations like yours.


Active Book Club Participants


Top 100 US Universities on Our Service


Books Read
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Love From Our Learners

We love our customers and participants. And they love us! Here’s what some of them have to say about what we do.

“Offering the virtual book club helped us discover a whole new segment of alumni that had not been previously engaged--especially for those alums that can't or don't visit or engage with campus regularly. ”
Carrie Combs
James Madison University
“Our team has really enjoyed PBC Guru! We have found that it's a great way to facilitate professional growth within our employees.“
Heather L. Johnson
Senior Vice President, Jovian Concepts
“PBC Guru has provided another avenue for us to engage our OU alumni across the world reaching people that we normally wouldn’t be able to engage. ”
Jennifer Dooley
University of Oklahoma
“Ever since we started partnering with PBC Guru for our online book clubs we have found them to be knowledgeable and supportive. They manage all the details of the book clubs, are very open to collaboration, helpful with data analysis and generally great to work with.”
Jean Chisser
Boston College
“PBC Guru has been an extremely valuable tool for us to expand engagement with a new cohort of alumni we hadn’t been interacting with, gain insights into who they are and provide them with a meaningful opportunity to connect with each other through stimulating discussions.”
Jess Cronin
Head, Alumni Relations,
Australian National University
“WMU has enrolled over 800 alumni in the book club program within the first year. The book club has engaged many alumni that otherwise will not be involved in any other way in the life of the University. ”
Hardy Figueroa
Director Alumni Relations, Western Michigan University
“The staff at PBC Guru is knowledgeable, professional, and responsive. And we've seen a tremendous response to the program, enrolling more than 3,000 alums within the first year.”
Mary Giles
Associate Director of Advancement Communications Smith College
“Working with the team at PBC Guru is like having your own personal concierge to handle all of the important details and planning. They are clearly the experts in what they do, and keep you on track for success with your program.”
Beth Szczerowski
Director of Alumni & Family Engagement, Hope College

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