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At PBC Guru, we're changing the way people and organizations connect and grow: with books, film, and discussion groups that support lifelong learning. Our team is passionate about the power of reading and conversation to change people for the better.

‍We love nothing more than getting lost in a great novel or applying an idea from a business book to make our clients' lives easier. When you work with us, you can trust that we're passionate about the work that we're doing and about helping your people thrive.

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Why We Exist

Our Mission

We're on a mission to connect and empower communities through lifelong learning experiences, deepening their sense of meaning and wonder while having fun with peers and growing personally and professionally.

We believe that reading books—and more importantly, connecting with others who are passionate about learning—is one of the highest leverage activities anyone can undertake to develop themselves personally and professionally. Everything we do (and have done since our start) centers around creating communities that are more engaged in learning, growing together, and empowered to be their best selves at work and beyond.

We also know how hard it is for people to find the time to read books that enrich their lives and to engage in meaningful ways with their communities. We’re out to change this by making it easy to connect from anywhere, at any time, around content that matters.

Our Story

Our Values

Fanatical Service

The truth is, anyone can start an online book club (which is awesome!) The reason PBC Guru has earned and retained the business of so many organizations is simple. We provide incredible service that makes reading and connecting around books something your people will look forward to doing in their free time. Expect to be wowed by our passion for helping your organization... And prepare to have those expectations exceeded!


We believe that the difference between a successful enterprise and mundane organizations is authenticity. Those that strive towards an authentic mission providing real value to their customers and the world are rewarded accordingly. We seek to provide that authentic value to every organization and person that we work with through the power of books and community. And we tailor our learning experiences to empower your people to help achieve YOUR mission.

Continuous Improvement

Complacency in our eyes is the same as giving up. There is no such thing as static in this life. We must adapt and grow, or we will stagnate and fall behind. Our mission is simple yet grand in scope and vitally important to achieve, so standing still is simply not an option. We welcome and seek out feedback from anyone and everyone to help us improve.

Making it Easy

We strive to make our programs easy for participants to engage with and even easier for program admins at the companies, alumni associations, libraries and other organizations we work with. When you work with us, you can be confident that everything will be fully managed, effortless for you and your people, and will make you look great to your boss.

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Let's Empower Your People

Our Team

We’re a team of people in love with reading, obsessed with personal growth, and relentlessly focused on empowering other people to be their best self at work and beyond.

Becky Brent
Partnerships Manager
Becky Hyde
Finance Operations Specialist
Brandon Adler
Library Speakers Consortium Operations Manager
Cayla Sparkman
Book & Movie Club Operations Manager
Chris Williams
Co-Founder and COO
Erica Lloyd
Book Club Operations Assistant
Frederick Coleman
Alumni Learning Consortium Operations Associate
Hannah Meyers
Sales Specialist
Heather Donnithorne
Book Club Operations Director
Jared Johnson
Book Club Operations Manager
Jenica Carley Halderman
Book Club Operations Specialist
Jordan Dubin
Book Club Operations Manager
Julia Cutler
Alumni Learning Consortium Operations Manager
Kendra Dixon
Book Club Operations Manager
Kyra Schwalm
Finance and Operations Specialist
Leigh Mikovch
Partnerships Manager
Yapha Mason
BookBreak Assistant Director
Zach Rubin
Co-Founder and CEO
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Do you love books, have a passion for personal growth, and want to contribute to our mission to empower people to be their best self at work and beyond?

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Don’t Take Our Word For It

Listen to what our happy customers and program participants say about the results we deliver.

"We’ve appreciated working with PBC Guru on our social justice movie club as it has allowed us to create a unique experience for our university and alumni. PBC Guru provides the program framework and staffing which has given us capacity to create additional opportunities for engagement and connection."

Elizabeth Wheeler
Director, Alumni Programs Operations, Michigan State University

"We have seen a notable increase in engagement amongst members of our association who are a part of the book club. We highly recommend PBC Guru as they provide professionally moderated book club discussion groups in a turnkey fashion, allowing us to provide a great benefit to our members with minimal day to day oversight."

Abeer Sajjad
Member Engagement Associate, Advocis

"The team at PBC Guru are thoughtful, accessible problem solvers who are interested in our goals. It’s like having another dedicated colleague on our staff thinking about virtual engagement strategies full-time!"

Joe Keniston
St. Lawrence University

"PBC Guru has provided a professional, flawless and dependable service to the members of the NC Medical Society with its book club program. This program has allowed us to offer a member engagement resource to our members in North Carolina without being “experts” in executing a formal book club."

Ashley Newton
Vice President, Member Services, North Carolina Medical Society

"We have been able to engage over 500 alumni in one year in a new and interesting way. With a small staff, being able to rely on PBC to manage the program has been an easy and efficient way to add value to what we offer our alumni."

Nicole Bush
Director Alumni Career Services, Tulane University

"The PBC Guru program consistently aligns with DPR’s core values (Integrity, Enjoyment, Uniqueness and Ever Forward) and provides creative collaboration. The addition of PBC Guru to our existing reading program has exceeded our expectations; the level of customizability and their customer service is impeccable!"

Esther Lajano
Learning Systems Coordinator, DPR Construction

"We’ve been able to engage a larger population of alumni with the ALC platform . . . The white label content really helps us bulk out our engagement offerings without taking up staff time or resources. We love that everything is built for us, including marketing images and copy to assist with promotion."

Amber Medenhall
Event Coordinator, Washington State University

"The webinars and resources offered to our alumni, friends, and students have been a terrific complement to our program. We can showcase interesting speakers and topics through our partnership with ALC, further increasing the benefits to our McMaster alumni community."

Karen McQuigge
Director, Alumni Engagement, McMaster University


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