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Fully Managed. Scalable. Customizable.

Virtual book clubs engage members of your organization in meaningful learning no matter where they are located


  • Connect employees together across offices
  • Customize programs for young professionals, emerging leaders, managers or other groups
  • Leave program management to us so employees benefit without taxing your HR staff
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"Our team has really enjoyed PBC Guru! We have found that it's a great way to facilitate professional growth within our employees."

"The PBC Guru book club opportunity has been excellent. We had a great response to the offer from our members. Highly recommend PBC Guru book clubs to any professional organization or corporate team."

Professional Societies

  • Connect members together with an engaging virtual benefit
  • Customize the book club based on your members interests and goals
  • Leave program management to us so members benefit without taxing your volunteers
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  • Connect alumni together across the world
  • Customize book clubs based on the interests of alumni and the goals of your alumni office
  • Leave program management to us so alumni stay engaged without taxing your staff
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"Partnering with PBC Guru has given us the opportunity to expand our educational offerings and engage hundreds of Penn alumni in a quality learning experience. The leadership at PBC Guru has included us and solicited our feedback in every aspect of planning, ensuring that we can make our book clubs feel like Penn Alumni activities without taxing our staff resources with the day-to-day program implementation and supervision."

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