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Join our virtual community to connect with fellow UCR alumni and enjoy books on professional topics such as business, communications, leadership, productivity and more. Participation is only $49 per year. You must sign up by April 23rd to participate in the group's next book, so sign up now.

How it Works

We're creating a virtual book club for UC Riverside covering a range of professional topics. The club will have its own LinkedIn Group where people can discuss the current book and connect with each other. Participating in the book club is only $49 per year. We charge this fee to offset the administrative costs and to help ensure participants are committed to this virtual community.

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Why Join?

There are three main reasons we hope you'll be excited to participate in our alumni book club:

1. Connect with Fellow UCR alumni: Want another way to connect with UCR alumni? Joining our book club will introduce you to fellow UCR alumni across industries, generations and geographies to help you improve your network.
2. Advance Your Career: A professional book club can enhance your career on two fronts. First, the books you read may make you more effective in areas critical to success like leadership, communication and productivity. Second, the network you'll be building may help you with career advice, introducing you to new people, and finding your next job.
3. Reading is Good for You: Did you know business people who read at least seven business books per year earn over 230% more than people reading just one book per year?1 Or that reading improves your intelligence, reasoning ability, and has been linked to reducing the chance of Alzheimer's?2 Joining our book club gives you the opportunity to read more and enjoy all the benefits that come with it.

The Books

Below are examples of the kind of books the group may read. We'll vote between several options each period and select a book based on participants' interests.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often will books be read, what is the time commitment and what are the expectations?

We plan to start the group by reading a book every two months. The texts selected will be popular business and non-fiction books and take an average of six hours to read cover to cover. If you have between 15 and 30 minutes a week to read you should be fine. There are no strict expectations on members for this virtual community; if you are particularly busy with work, family, or other obligations and can't read one of the books that's okay. If you can only read part of a book and contribute a little to the online discussion then that's okay too. The goal of this program is to connect UCR alumni together through reading, so participate as much as makes sense for you.

Will there be any in person meetings of the book club?

No, the book club will be entirely online. You can participate anywhere you have internet access and on days and times that are convenient to you.

Is there any cost to participate?

Participating in the book club is only $49 per year. We charge this fee to offset the administrative costs and to help ensure participants are committed to this virtual community.

How do I get the books?

Participants can get books for free at their local library or purchase them.

How do book club discussions work?

The book club will have a moderator who manages the LinkedIn Group where discussions occur online. The moderator will pose questions to the group, share relevant articles, and facilitate conversation about topics in the book. Members will be encouraged to post and share as well. This format allows for ongoing conversation and makes it easy for alumni to connect with each other through LinkedIn.

What if I don't have a LinkedIn Profile?

We're using LinkedIn Groups to host the virtual book club so that it's easy to connect with fellow UCR alumni. If you don't have a LinkedIn profile, you can make one for free at Just signup and follow the easy instructions to make your profile. You can learn more about creating an effective LinkedIn profile by accessing this video on the topic!

What exactly is PBC Guru and what do they have to do with the UC Riverside book club?

Professional Book Club (PBC) Guru is a book club management company that works with businesses, alumni associations and professional societies. UCR Alumni & Constituent Relations is teaming up with PBC to put this program in place for alumni. You can check out their website at if you want to see more of what they do.

What if my question isn't answered?

Feel free to send an email to and we'll be happy to help.

1 Tuesday Morning Coaching by David Cottrell, pg 134.
2 Harvard Business Review, 2012,

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