Our March to May Selection:

Exit West:

A Novel

by Mohsin Hamid

Why Join?

1. Enrich yourself: Together, we will discover books that will stimulate your intellectual curiosity and provide you with hours of enjoyment. Trinity encourages Lifelong Learning TUgether.
2. Connect with fellow Trinity Tigers: Through your participation in the Club, you can connect with fellow alumni across generations and geographies.
3. Reading is Good for You: Did you know that professionals who read at least seven books per year earn over 230% more than people reading just one book per year? Reading improves your intelligence, reasoning ability, and it has been linked to reducing the chance of Alzheimer’s.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How often will books be read, what is the time commitment and what are the expectations?

A. One book will be selected every two months. On average, it typically takes approximately 30 minutes a week to finish reading a book in two months. There are no strict expectations of members for this virtual club. If you are particularly busy with work, family or other obligations and can’t read one of the selected books, that’s okay. If, on occasion, you can read only a part of a book and still contribute to the Club discussion through the Facebook group, that’s okay, too. The goal of this Club is to promote reading, and to help alumni connect with each other through intellectual engagement and discussion.

Q. Will there be any in-person meetings of the book club?

A. While we will sometimes hold events pertaining to the Club on-campus, the Club discussion will be entirely online through the Facebook group that is limited to its members only. You can participate in discussions from anywhere, provided you have access to the Internet on days and times that are convenient to you.

Q. Is there any cost to participate in the Club?

A. No. Participation is free for Trinity University alumni. You are only responsible for obtaining a copy of the selections you wish to read.

Q. How do I get the books?

A. Participants can check out books free at local libraries when they are available, or may purchase a copy on their own.

Q. How do book club discussions work?

A. The book club will have a moderator who will facilitate discussions in the Facebook group available to the Reading TUgether Book Club members. The moderator will pose questions, share relevant articles, and facilitate conversations on topics related to the book. Members will be encouraged to post and share their personal opinions and insights. This format allows for ongoing conversation and makes it easy for alumni to connect with each other at their convenience.

Q. What if I don't have a Facebook group profile?

A. When you sign up, you will have to join facebook to participate in discussions. You can also feel free to follow along via email instead.

Q. I joined the book club last year, do I have to sign up again?

A. No, you do not need to sign up again.

Q. What exactly is PBC Guru and what do they have to do with the Reading TUgether Book Club?

A. Professional Book Club (PBC) Guru is a book club management company that works with businesses, alumni associations and professional societies. Trinity University is teaming up with PBC to put this program in place for alumni. You can check out their website at www.pbc.guru if you want to see more of what they do.

Q. Who do I contact for more information about the Club?

A. Office of Alumni Relations at alumni@trinity.edu. From time to time, Club members will receive Club-related information by email.

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