PBC Guru is a virtual book club management service that empowers continuous learning for individuals and organizations.

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Why Books?

  • Books deeply explore important professional topics
  • Books are well crafted with research, relevant perspectives and valuable real-world examples
  • Books are read over weeks and months giving people time to process and apply their learning
  • Reading helps develop difficult to train for skills including critical thinking, communication and collaboration

Why Book Clubs?

  • Social learning engages and encourages participants
  • Book clubs offer a set schedule and just enough social pressure so people actually find time to read
  • Participants learn from the experience of others, which helps to expand and reinforce their learning
  • Book clubs expose people to areas of professional development they would not normally explore on their own

Why Virtual Book Clubs?

  • Participation is possible from anywhere in the world
  • People can join the conversation online when it’s convenient instead of adding one more meeting to their calendar
  • Programs easily scale from groups of a few dozen to thousands depending on organizational needs
  • Participants can connect with people they would otherwise never reach

Developing Your Program

We work with each client to create a book club program that meets their needs and is valuable for participants. We then manage every aspect of the program so participants benefit without taxing your organizations limited resources.

Key Features

There’s a lot that goes in to managing a virtual book club so it achieves your organizational goals and is engaging for participants.

Initial Marketing

We create a sign up page for your program and provide marketing materials to tell participants how to get started.

Participant Management

We onboard each new participant and address questions and concerns as they arise over the life of the program.

Book Selection

We work with you to preselect the reading or recommend books for participants to vote between.

Book Delivery

Where books are included, we provide each participant with their choice of a physical book, ebook or audio book.

Forum Management

We create, facilitate and moderate the online forum where participants connect and discuss the reading with each other.

Regular Content

We share interesting content and reading reminders by email and the forum to spur conversation and keep participants on track.

Accountability Tools

We offer several accountability tools to help keep people on track with reading and achieving their learning goals.

Tracking Results

We track participant engagement and feedback for each program and provide reporting so you can see the results.

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