What kind of books do you provide?

All of the books we provide are non-fiction with a focus on professional development and/or personal growth. We look for books that are engaging to read, teach valuable ways of thinking, help people improve their abilities and create opportunities for discussion. Topics include management, leadership, sales, health, productivity, habits, biographies, positive psychology, communication, wellness, wealth and many others. We work directly with a major book distributor and have thousands of titles of available. You can see some of our most popular books on our books page for specific examples.

How long are the books?

Books vary in length but take an average person between 5 and 9 hours to read cover to cover. All of the books we provide are meant to be readable within the schedule of busy professionals. Groups and individuals can choose how often they receive books based on how much time they want to devote to professional reading.

What input does my organization have in the books that are offered?

We work with each organization to create a customized professional reading program. That can mean only certain groups in your organization participate (e.g. managers and young professionals) and/or that specific types of books won't be offered. For example, you may want your managers to focus on books about management and your sales team to focus on books about sales. You can choose to make your PBC Guru program as flexible or targeted as appropriate to your goals.

How do online book discussions work?

Each of our virtual book clubs has an online forum where participants connect with each other and discuss the reading. PBC Guru will share interesting content related to the book and ask discussion questions throughout the reading period to help spur conversation. At the end of each reading period, there is typically a week long end of book discussion where participants respond to questions about the book and each other in the forum.

Can I have multiple book clubs for different groups?

Yes. We support organizations with one or many book clubs.

Why books? Why not focus on other media like articles and videos?

We believe that well written books offer a unique kind of value in the areas of personal growth and professional development for three reasons. First and foremost, books explore topics more thoroughly than most other learning tools which gives them the opportunity to affect people's thinking more profoundly. Second, well written books are easier to remember over time than an equivalent length of articles or videos. Books provide a deep dive in a focused area which we've found leaves the reader with more over time than a series of shorter media. Finally, many of our participants note that finishing a book gives them a feeling of accomplishment that drives them to want to learn and grow more.

What happens if I need to add or take participants off of the program?

You can email or contact us at any time to add people to your program or take people off. We will also remove people from the program for you who indicate that they no longer want to participate. We only ever bill you for the actual number of participants for plans based on number of participants.

Do you offer ebooks and/or audio books?

Yes. Where books are provided as part of the program, each participant can choose if they would like to receive their books in physical, audio or ebook form. Physical books are mailed to participants while ebooks and audio books are emailed with an access link.

What do I do if my question isn't answered?

We're here to help you. Just contact us and we will work to answer your questions.