What it is

Creighton has partnered with PBC (Professional Book Club) Guru to start a virtual book club for alumni and friends. Book club picks will run the gamut, encompassing novels, nonfiction, books on personal growth, history and current events. The book club will read one book every two months.

How it Works

The book club will connect alumni and friends through a forum, where they can discuss the current book and network with each other. It's free to join. All you need to get is a copy of the book.

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Our January to March Selection:

Ask Again, Yes:

A Novel

by Mary Beth Keane

Amazon Prime subscribers can read the Kindle version for free here.

Why Join?

There are three main reasons we hope you'll be excited to participate in our book club:

1. Connect with fellow Creighton alumni and friends. Our book club will help you learn and grow together.
2. Advance your career. The books you read can make you more successful in such areas as leadership, communication and productivity. Additionally, the networking of the club can help you advance your career and perhaps even find your next job.
3. Reading is good for you. Reading improves your intelligence and reasoning abilities, and has been linked to reducing the chance of Alzheimer's.1 Our book club helps you enjoy all the benefits that come with reading.

The Books

Below are a few examples of the kind of books the group may read. We will vote between several options each period and select a book based on reader interests.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often will we read books?

We'll start by reading one book every two months. The titles selected will include novels and books on lifelong learning and personal growth. Books selected will take an average of nine hours to read.

Will there be in-person meetings of the book club?

No, the book club will be entirely online. You can participate whenever it's convenient.

What is the cost?

It's free for Creighton University alumni and friends.

How do I get the books?

Participants can get books at their local library or purchase them.

How do book club discussions work?

The book club forum will be managed by a moderator from PBC Guru. The moderator will pose questions to the book club, share relevant articles and facilitate conversation about topics in the book. Members will be encouraged to post and share, as well.

How do I make a forum profile?

Sign up, make your profile, and we'll send you a link to the forum, where you can begin posting.

What is PBC Guru?

PBC Guru is a book club management company that works with businesses, alumni associations and professional societies. Creighton is teaming with PBC to put this program in place for Creighton alumni and friends. Learn more at www.pbc.guru.

I've already signed up. How do I log in?

Click here to log in.

What if my question isn't answered?

Email info@pbc.guru, and we'll be happy to help.

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