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"At DPR, who we build is as important as what we build and PBC Guru helps support this mission. The PBC Guru program consistently aligns with DPR’s core values (Integrity, Enjoyment, Uniqueness and Ever Forward) and provides creative collaboration. One innovative solution has been the online discussion group where our book club members can connect socially around professional and personal development. The addition of PBC Guru to our existing reading program has exceeded our expectations; the level of customizability and their customer service is impeccable!"

Virtual Book Clubs Empower Employee Learning

Staff read and connect in their own time allowing them to develop without taking away from productive work time.

Books can be selected to meet almost any employee group's learning needs.

Reading a book is one of the best ways to deeply learn and improve capabilities.

Our virtual programs can accommodate groups from a dozen to several thousand.

Employees read new books on a regular basis allowing for ongoing growth and improved critical thinking.

Our accountability tools and the schedule of a book club keep your employees on track with reading.

Participants enjoy connecting with each other and benefit from developing a shared language.

Customize Your Program

We work with you to define the goals of your program and make it a development asset for your staff.

Select Participants

  • A virtual book club can be open to the entire company, specific teams, young professionals, managers or any other group
  • See common types of book clubs and books

Provide Books

  • You can choose to provide participants with books or have them get copies on their own from the library or book store
  • We offer each participant the choice of a physical book, ebook or audio book for companies that want to provide books

Set Schedule

  • You decide how many books per year the book club will read
  • Most programs complete a book once per month, once every two months or once per quarter

Optional or Required

  • Participation can be optional for staff or a required part of their learning and development
  • General programs tend to be optional and presented as an employee benefit while required programs tend to have more specific outcomes

Popular Book Clubs Types for Companies

Each book club is customized for your unique business needs and the examples below are far from exhaustive

Company-wide Book Club

A company-wide book club is open to all employees and reads books that are widely applicable to professional development and personal growth.

Young Professional or Emerging Leader Book Club

A book club open to all young professionals or focused on a set of high performers that you are grooming for future leadership positions.

Management and Leadership Book Club

A book club for managers and senior leaders with a focus on improving the performance of both their teams and the company in general.

Innovation Book Club

A book club focused on fostering innovation and critical thinking by covering topics related to creativity, problem solving and in-company-entrepreneurship.

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