Change the Lapel Pin:

Personalizing Leadership to Transform Organizations and Communities

By: Alex Johnson

Smart Business Network, 2018

207 Pages

Reading Time: 6 hours

PBC Rating: 8/10


Dr. Johnson provides a window into the soul of Change the Lapel Pin through an examination of his achievements as a longstanding college president, examples of associates, and contributions of such business icons as Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, and Howard Schultz-whose exemplary leadership propelled Apple, Amazon, and Starbucks to unprecedented levels.

Through Change the Lapel Pin, Dr. Johnson has introduced a paradigm shift in how leadership originates. Rather than being developed from without, it is rooted from within. This, he says, is the truest, most natural form of leadership: dependable, reliable, and consistent. It gets you closer to the people who do the work, both personally and structurally.