About Us

Our Mission

PBC Guru was founded to enable and empower lifelong learners. Lifelong learners are naturally curious. They are open to learning every day, regardless of the source. They want to learn to make themselves, their families, and the organizations they serve better. They believe that learning doesn't stop at graduation nor licensure nor retirement. They want to improve the world around them and believe that learning every day is the key to make that happen.

All of our programs start with this central mission and idea. We believe that the best way to make our communities and the world better is to support motivated people on their journey of lifelong learning. We achieve this by developing and managing book clubs that allow lifelong learners to:

  • Connect with each other
  • Explore new ideas
  • Incorporate meaningful knowledge into their busy lives
  • Enjoy learning
  • Empower others to become life long learners

Our Story

PBC Guru is the brain child of two avid business readers who were asked to think of a way to encourage professional development among employees of their engineering firm. The original idea for a basic book club that provided books one month at a time soon morphed into PBC Guru as friends at other companies asked the pair how to replicate the fantastic results. Since then there have been many long nights and false starts to build a service that we are truly proud of. Today PBC Guru serves companies of all sizes and continues to grow at a rapid pace.

Our Values

Fanatical Service
The truth is that anyone can buy business books and start an office book club (which is awesome!) The reason PBC Guru is valued by companies big and small is that we provide incredible service that makes reading about personal development something your team looks forward to in their free time. Expect to be wowed by our passion for helping your organization and then expect those expectations to be exceeded.

We believe that the difference between successful enterprise and mundane organizations is authenticity. Those that strive towards an authentic mission provide real value to the world and are rewarded accordingly. We seek to provide that authentic value to every organization and person that we work with through the power of books.

Constant Improvement
Complacency in our eyes is the same as giving up. Our mission is straightforward but wide in scope so standing still is simply not an option for us. We welcome and seek out feedback from everyone and anyone to help us improve.